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Yoga school india Santhi teacher training institute offer 200 hour teacher training program and it globally certified by Yoga alliance USA and YAI (yoga Alliance international). The duration of this course is one month and it is good equally for starter and advanced level yoga practitioner.  After completing 200 hour teacher training program you will get a teacher training certificate and through this certificate you can register yourself with Yoga alliance or in any other yoga federation of your country.

Through 200 hour yoga teacher training program you will learn features of yoga such as alignments, advantages, improvement and variations of each postures or asanas in detail.

Some Features of Santhi yoga teacher training course are:

  • For paying attention on individual  a small group of 15 student are formed
  • Peaceful and spiritual environment
  • Personal supervision and guidance for instance yoga and meditation practice
  • Well qualified and experienced teacher
  • Comprehensive and intensive program
  • Guest teacher  and master gave lectures on philosophy and bhagwat geeta
  • Extra lecture on Ayurveda and balanced diet by well qualified and experienced teacher
  • Demo on Ayurvedic cooking
  •  Yoga alliance known certificate
Detailed syllabus
  • Techniques of asana such as training and exercise in Kriyas, Pranayams  and bandhas
  • Basic and advanced  Asanas Practice
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Mantra  Chanting
  • Meditation( theory and practical)
  • Yogic Diet
  • Teaching techniques such as adjusting, teaching standard, style of learner and teacher and sequencing
  • Anatomy and Physiology such as Nadis, Chakras and Mudras
  • Yoga therapy
  • Moral guidelines
Accommodation facility for the learner will be organized in close by guesthouse. Individual learner will get individual bedroom with attached bathroom.  Facility of shared room is also available here.  Student can make use of kitchen, fridge and washing machine. You can also access internet through Wi-Fi in free of cost.

 We will take care of your need and you are in safe hands so don’t worry.
Sum total for the program contains the course fee, training guide, housing, international airport pick-up, meals during class time. Only meals during class time (Breakfast and Lunch) are included in the sum total. Learners can also prepare their own meals in the property remain.

Information regarding payments
A non-refundable down payment ($300 USD) is due with your program. In the occasion payment is posted and the coaching is complete, or your signing up not approved, the down payment will be returned.

Payment in complete is due before  30 days of the starting of the course

Late Registrations: : If you are applying after the balance due date, the complete educational costs is due with your program to source your area.

Price in US Dollars
• $1,550 single room with attached bathroom
• $1,350 shared Double space with connected bathroom
• $100 discount will be given to students who will pay the complete fee at registration time
200 hour YTT Course
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