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Yoga school india A nutritious food is very important for a healthy body and keeping this thing in Mind Santhi Yoga Institute has started Ayurveda Nutrition & cooking course and it features the Ayurvedic view of nutrition. The duration of this course is 7 days and in this course you will learn the important bonding between Ayurveda and a healthy life. In this course learner will learn planning the perfect  well  balanced healthy veggie meals manufactured from vegetables, grains, beans, fruits, plant seeds, milk products, fat, herbs and spices or herbs, depending on Ayurvedic concepts. After completing this course successfully a certificate will be provided to you.

Ayurvedic nutrition & cooking program will provide you an opportunity to know about the different features of healthy life develop by Ayurveda as Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine. This course also includes Yoga Asana Practice.
Course details: Ayurveda food preparation period contains the following
• Ayurveda Introduction
• Tridoshas theory: Identifying Vata, Pitta & Kapha
• The 7-Dhatus or important liquids of the body
• 6 tates: Hot, sweet, sour, bitter , salty& Astringent
• Meals and Consciousness: Sattwa, Rajas & Tamas
• Everyday & periodic workouts to stability each whole body type
• nutritional value of different food items
• Avoidance of illnesses, filtration of the body
• Diet plans for different Body types
• Meals Combinations
• Order to Eat Meals as per Individual
• Everyday Rhythms  of Time
• Herbal coffee and tea
• Kinds of dairy products: several ways of preparing milk with spices or herbs and Ayurveda herbs
• Kinds of juices
• Grain dishes
• Veggie dishes
• herbal soups
• Demo of different kinds of ayurvedic spices
• Demo of different kinds of salts
• Demo of different kinds of rices (Nava Dhanya)
• demo of different kinds of ayurvedic herbs
Time table
08.30 AM – 10.00 AM: Yoga exercises Asana Practice
10.00 AM – 11.00 PM: BreakFast
11.00 PM – 12.30 PM: Ayurveda Theory
12.30 PM – 01.00 PM: Lunch
01.00 PM – 02.30 PM: Ayurveda Practical
* Accreditations will be released after the effective completing the course
Accommodation facility for the learner will be organized in close by guesthouse. Individual learner will get individual bedroom with attached bathroom.  Facility of shared room is also available here.  Student can make use of kitchen, fridge and washing machine. You can also access internet through Wi-Fi in free of cost.

 We will take care of your need and you are in safe hands so don’t worry.
Total price for the program contains the course fee, training guide, housing, airport pick-up, meals during category time. An only meal during category time (Lunch) is involved in the price. Students can prepare their own meals in the property remain. There are a lot of dining places near to the property remain.

Costs in US Dollars
750 USD single room and attached bathroom

Payment Information
You have to deposit $150 USD along with your application. In case if your amount is taken and seats are full or your registration is not accepted your amount will be returned to you.

Payments are accepted through banks.

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